The process of rehabilitation must include the most elementery things

After leaving hospital you must understand that there no nurses at home and part of any work, how minimal it might be, you'll have to do yourself
Try to lead an active way of life, but, at the sometime, be careful, during the first two weeks try to understand what you can do and increasephysical activity gradually. Your physical condition is worse than it was before the stroke and different physical exercises, even movements that was quite usual for you and were not paid attention to are now absolutely inaccessible, and what is more muscles which fix your knee thigh, those keeping you in vertical position are very weak too, so activate them gradually in order to avoid enjury. For the first few days elementary things may serve you as trainers even sitting on bed activates your foot, as far as it contacts the floor.

It is not correct to rehabilitate legs and arms separately

As much as possible you must combine different exercises for that or another extremity. It is not correct to rehabilitate only one extremity. For example, today you'll be are occupied with an arm, and you are going to pay attention to your leg later on and vice versa. A cerebral hemisphere which was responsible for that or another part of your body was affected, it means that everything was affected from down to your heels. So waste of a week in rehabilitation process will turn to great losses in future.
The base of your body is backbone - arms and legs are attached to it. Accordinaly there are spinal muscles, which help us to operate our legs, arms and the backbone itself - bends and turns. Half of those muscles was affected too. Despite the fact that spinal muscles improve very quickly they can't achieve proper improvement themselves. If you develop only arm, you'll get a nice curvature of the spine, the same will happend if you develop only a leg. Do turns and bends of the whole body. At first try to do the exrecises in sitting position then do them standing.

What must we begin with?

Don't intend to stay in bad for ages it won't help you. If you've been staying in bed for long time - don't feel sorry for yourself, try to do your best to live vertical way of life. Make a close study of yourself, analise the movements you can do. Learn to sit than to stand, try to distribute your body's weight evently on both legs. Try to walk with somebody's help. Than try to do it yourself - holding on to wall or pieces furniture. During a week you must master from one to three new movements for leg and arm.
You must make muscles work. It is advisable to have daily seances of massage for two or three months. It'll help you greately.
Of course would be useful to visit a rehabilitationcenter. But the main thing is to do different physical exercises on your own.

Some elementary hints

  • In the evening you may lie on bed the way so that you might stand on the affected leg in the morning. It will develope it in addition.

  • When sitting check the position of your affected hand. In most cases it will lie on your thigh pulm up. Change the position of the hand, take it behind your back or aside, put it on a chair's or sofa's back.

  • The same with your leg. Sitting on a chair, sofa, check position of the leg, try to have both legs equally loaded.

  • Doing exercises for arm or leg duplicate them with an intact extremity.

  • Find comfortable walking shoes

  • Remember, you had a brain trauma and sometimes any psychological influence can be injurious to your health: street noise, emotions after watching TV, happy or sad events etc.

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