Peculiarities of Rehabilitation

Circulatory embarrasment in brain is a very complicated affection of the nervous system. Desease pattern is varied enough and depends on great number of factors influencing the state if a patient, the quality and speed time of rehabilitation are:

  • Localization of a deseased are in significant zones of brain
  • Vast deseased area
  • Elderly age and bad physical condition of a patient
Factors promoting successful rehabilitation:
  • Timely hospitalization;
  • Early begining of rehabilitation procedures

Aftereffects treatment of haemorrhage of the brain includes not only physical therapy but medicated therapy as well. The main tasks of the latter are: improvement of brain blood circulation, suppliing blood with oxygen, positive influence on brain metabolism. Medicated therapy can be prescribed and controled by a qualified specialist after a proper examination of the affected nervous system and the state of organism in general.

Expediency of medical treatment consists of reconstruction and stimulation of brain areas responsible for voluntary movements, regulation of complicated movements, move impulse transmission for regulation of muscle tonus, impulse transmission as a request of pain stimulation, tactile, temperature or other kinds of irritation.

Only in case of proper rehabilitation of all the above listed systems and ways of impulse transmissions, we can speak about complete physical rehabilitation and returniing to initial state. We can mark several stay of rehabilitation and peculiarities characteristic for them:

  • Complete rehabilitation and return to inintial state
  • Compensation of the lost functions. The lost functions are substituted for alternative ones
  • Adaptation to the lost functions of the body

Information about the site

This site introduces and systematizes exercises worked out by me in the process of rehabilitation, exercises given by my doctors and the ones collected in different rehabilitation establishments.
All the exercises and methods were tested by me with positive results.
Proceed from peculiarities of affection of the norvous system we can't state that the information listed is full and that the methods and exercises published will give positive results and full rehabilitation. In due course methods of rehabilitation will improve but at the same time we may meet complications after affection of nervous system and brain in particular, which will need special, more complicated methods of rehabilitation.

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